The Objectives

Work Packages

WP1. Concepts and Conceptual Framework for Modeling Ops Activities

In this work package, we will establish the required tools and methods to develop digital shadow on top of running systems, and to bind them to measured data and the original design models, as well as a querying framework to manage the data collected in such digital shadow.

WP2. Concepts and Conceptual Framework for the Dev-to-Ops-to-Dev Modeling Continuum

Here, we will identify patterns of correspondence between elements used in Dev and those used in Ops and provide a lightweight DSL for expressing these correspondences.

WP3. Efficient Dev-to-Ops-to-Dev

For this work package, we will investigate to transform Dev models into Ops models and vice versa based on the digital shadows and correspondence patterns of W1 and WP2.

WP4. Evaluation

This work package will concentrate on demonstrating the results of WP1 - WP3 using an industrial IoT demonstrator available through RWTH’s IoP on which the MBDO results are applied via existing and well known open-source frameworks, namely the GEMOC Studio and its MontiCore plugin and their application to industrial demonstrators.